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            NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services INC
            The Creekside Management Company

            The CREEKSIDE LMS 3764 Strata Corporation may be compared to a large business with considerable assets. The Council sets the policies and guidelines within which NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services administers the day-to-day business.

            NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services provides the resources, manpower, knowledge and expertise that are not usually available within the Strata Corporation.

            NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services is equipped and prepared to provide guidance and support in all matters relating to the successful operation and management of your Strata Corporation. The following is a list of services provided by NAI Goddard & Smith Realty

            Views of our Strata.

            Strata Lots - Strata Units - Home Designs

            Our Strata is arranged in duplexes and single homes. Each is a BLOCK. A duplex block are of two designs

            • a single story attached to a double story
            • a single story attached to a single story
            • a double story attached to double story
            • a single unattached home (all are double story)
            All have master bedrooms on the ground floor. All homes are attached at the garage bo home has an exterior wall next to another home. All roads have two visitor parking spaces at either end and spaces at the clubhouse.

            There are several home designs in Creekside. Some are double story unique single homes; others are  double story attached to a double story, a double story attached to single story and single story attached to single story. All homes have separate living areas and are only attached at the garage.

            Single Home

            A Double Story single home next to two single story attached homes

            Single Home

            Single, nondetached homes are in all rows of our Strata.

            Double Attached

            There are 5 different styles of double story units. These two look like single story, the double story appear at the back.

            Single Story Attached

            Most single story homes have the same design and square footage.

            Double & Single Attached

            Double story and single story attached units.

            Double Story Attached

            Two double story Attached units.

            Double Story Attached Home

            Different design makes these units look like single story homes.

            Attached at Garage

            All homes are attched at the garage the houses are independent.

            Row 1

            South end of row 1

            Row 2 Looking South

            Row 2 Looking South

            Row 2

            Row 2 looking North towards the Creek

            Row 3

            Row 3 looking North. It's pretty in the winter.

            Roof Reconstruction 2020

            Completed in the summer of 2020

            Creekside at Clayton Hills
            LMS 3764

            6885 184 Street, Surrey BC, V3S 9G1

            © 2020 GCM for Creekside Strata Corporation

            Contact Strata Web Master - gmain40@yahoo.com
            Contact Strata Secretary. - lms3764@yahoo.com

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